Below are listed the names and comments of some of the nice folks who have signed our guestbook.

Marsha HinesApril, Your web page looks great. I'll email it along to some of my cat loving friends. I've heard great things about the power of web pages for selling. This should make you really busy. Best of luck with it. Marsha. P.S. Remember the tw cereal bowls I had you do for my mother-in-law? Do you also have a bio page? She would love to know more about the creater of her bowls, but she is not online.
Melody SmithHi There. Robb and I loved your site. Larry - you did a great job putting it together and April - I love your work. We will pass it along. Have a wonderful holiday and keep in touch. Luv, Robb & Melody
Chris & LoriGreat web-site! Had fun seeing the process of creation with the cups. How many hours does it usually take to finish one? How long did it take to set up the pages? Cool. Lo
Michele MarieI love your web site, I sent all my candlesticks out just this week, they are perfect you should show your candle sticks on this site too. After X-mas I want to order one more set of the sticks with the laveander flowers on them. I will let you know. I have forwarded your site on to many of my friends. I will be ordering cups for birthdays next. I am so glad I found you at the fair. Good Luck!!
Marsha WhiteApril and Larry, I am very impressed with your web site and your work. You are doing a great job -- keep it up. Marsha and Rusty
Sharyn JonesNice to see your stuff after hearing Chuck Downing rave about your designs. I do Chuck's taxes and am in his office building. I tried to find you at the International Street Faire but apparently you had sold out. I can see why! I have a black cat with giant gree eyes, an orange tabby and a traditional (apple-headed) seal point Siamese. Do you ever custom make cats to match one's brood? Keep up the good work. I have also been on Larry's site and listened to his music. Can't say I am turning into a country music fan, but Larry will be my one exception! Regards.. :
Carol ElzengaHi, Cute web page! I am enjoying the cat cup Ina gave me. You are so talented! Keep it up! The cat idea is darling! Love, Carol
Linda Oliver
Melissa OliverYour cups are so unique and pretty! Beautiful to use and also place on kitchen counter top as decoration.
Randy WolchekBeautiful work April
Connie SpillumI FINALLY managed to get to your site! It is great! Hope to hear from you soon! I am anxious to get your cups in our store....probably October. Love to all. Con
Kelly PorterJust wanted to let you know that Steve Geddes is my Uncle and I never knew about your cups until he came home with one.... NOW I must have one! I also work in a vet hospital and will see if any of the girls would like to order one or maybe two. A catolog would be nice if possible.
Christina FremblingI am truly impressed by your artistic ability in ceramics. I took 3 years of ceramics in high school and loved it. I only wish they taught us more and focused on each student to help us to learn the skills better. Our teacher had been doing this for over 30 years when I got to his class. I think he was burnt out. However I wish I could throw one on the wheel again. I love cats and these cups are absolutely beautiful. My mother is going to receive one for Mother's Day for her love for cats is even deeper than mine. I'm so glad that I found this and will be able to share it with my mother. Thank You! You have a truly blessed talent.
Jill ChambersHi April
JanetI love those cups and bought one for my sister last Christmas. She's nuts about it. I love them because they're high quality and are very whimsical.
Joette RockowApril: I found some of your cups at a coffee shop while traveling for business in Nashville. I always like to buy a momento of my trips and your coffee cup was IT! I am just crazy about your designs and I know I will be placing orders for cups for family and friends. I also saw some of your tea pots, but, alas, at the time, could not scrounge up the $$$. It is on my list of things to buy at some point. Hope you have those (and other cool items) on your site in the near future! Thanks for creating such beautiful treasures! Joette Rockow (and Libby and Penny "Meow!")
Jean GoerlachI love your mugs. In fact, I love anything that has to do with cats.
Aimee PisteyBought all of the pieces of yours that I have in Winthrop Washington. I love them.
Bob JonesBeautiful work. I love them.
Ansley BishopThese are wonderful. I bought one for my mom and she loves it!
Gail PlattnerEnjoyed your web page and your Gazette. Your cups and tea pots and sugar bowls are wonderful! You have expanded your style. We still have your cat in the rye cup in our china cupboard. Glad to hear everything is going so well. All is well in the very cold southern Indiana town of Columbus. Gail, Tony and Robert.
Chase & Kelly
No NameApril, I am sitting here, enjoying hot chocolate in one of your mugs and thought I'd check in on your web site. I think of you every time I use your wonderful pottery. Not only are you creative and talented, you are a very dear person, too. (Larry, too!!) Your web site just keeps getting better and better!
Samantha Taylorjust love you cups. Will be ordering some for my husband for his birthday in july.
Andrea KumroHi! I bought one of your cups at PJ's Abbey! I gave it to my mom for Valentines day and she adores it! Thank you! Andrea
Colette DeMentFound your site by accident, but I love your work. I just received three pieces as a birthday gift, and they are wonderful. Do you do any shows on the east coast?
MaryElla Morley
Kelly BrinkGreat Art!
Jim FurshongHi April and Larry, Just taking a look at your site tonight. It is so well done. I sure admire how creative both of you, hats off to ya's. Love, Jim
BarbApril and Larry, I haven't looked at the web site for a while. I have to agree with everyone else who signed the guestbook. Great work! Barb
Janet BrownI think this would be fine addition to our gift basket designs. Would like to get wholesale information. Thank you and have a blessed day. Have to have a couple of these kittens in my home. I am a serious cat lover and can make plenty of room for these guys and gals...;). Thank you!
Kevin I. PalmerThese are really cool.
Karen Shanks
Cris MaceHey, April and Larry, I was showing a co-worker your site. I added her name to your mailing list. see ya at the fair! -Jenn
Sarie FurshongAPRIL YOU ROCK!!!!!!! This is awesome I am sending it to all my friends. LOVE YOU TONS
Charlene HendersonCould you also please add my mother to your mailing list, Irene Kussne, thank you! love the cats!
Irene Kussner
MichellePurrrrrrrrr. How cool are these cups and cat Purrephenalia? Keep up the great work. You are great!
TrinaApril, I saw your booth this year for the first time at the street fair. I have never seen such cute mugs! How adorable! I will be buying one for myself and as a gift for my mother. You are very talented. Good luck to you and your business! Trina Orange, CA
Lisa Youngvery cute.
bonniei love my cup and it is dishwasher and micro safe - the best
Charmaine Howard
Steve MaloneInterested in your products for our retail store
Patty GrahamI have two cats, and I'm also a writer, (wannabe) I'd love to find a mug that would somehow combine the two of those. If not, I'll look at the cat mugs. Do you have anything for writers?
leslie laBergelove cats, so definitely love ALL these items
Jane OmandLove your work. Im disapointed that you don't ship to Canada.
anita hartlepYou've captured the best cats and design.
SandyYour Coffee cats are purrfect pottery!
Gail Eisenhauer-PriceApril, I love all the beautiful things you have made for my brother Bruce to give me!! They decorate my kitchen and I have so many compliments on them! I just wanted you to know they are very much enjoyed and your talents are appreciated! I really am sad that i have most of your pieces...the only thing I need is a cup and I will have to order one of those soon...I will put cut flowers in it from my garden! Have a wonderful day! Take Care. Most Sincerely, Gail Eisenhauer-Price Indep.,MO
kristenWe currently have only three cats living with us. one is an orange maine coon, one a calaco mix with the grey parts in a tiger striped pattern and on is pure white with green eyes. Will you be expanding your line to include other cat coat patterns soon? We'd love to get accessories to match all of our feline family members!
Sami PaceApril,I found my Tuxedo Cat coffee cup this past weekend at the Just Java coffe shop in Nashville Tn. He looks so much like my stray kitten "Lucky" who adopted me six weeks ago.I keep my special cup on my computer desk.It gives me pleasure to look at it.I couldn't wait to visit your website.It's great!
AlexHello Mrs. Gadler. I really like your Coffe Cats. Do you mind putting a better picture of Jo? She's such a cute cat.
Kathy BlakeleyYour a very talented artist. What a great idea.
Jack ElliottYour website is Great! I'm glad I stumbled across your booth at the Street Fair this weekend. You are not only a very talented and creative artist, but have done a very complete job on your web pages. I especially like the pages about how you make your creations. My sister-in-law in Virginia (and her daughter) will love your work. They will receive my next email containing a link to find your products. Thanks!
Gary N. HebbLike the kitty cups! We have an "Abby" and would love to have him on a cup.
Darlene Owens
SamyeHey there. At the street fair I gota jar that has a heart on it. It's clay, I believe, with a cork, in black sparkely stuff with a red heart. You had quite a few others that I liked, and I was hoping to find one here but was unable to. Do you sell those on-line, or is there a store near-by that I may find them in? Please let me know when you can. Thanks a ton! ;o)
Pam HernandezApril! You are amazing. When I grow up I want to be just like you! xop
Helena Rowe
Linda BachI would like to receive a message when you are in the street fair, its location, and if possible where your booth is. Thanks! The cups are wonderful! Linda
Lorraine WinterbottomVery unique mugs. I will be ordering.
Verna Morrisleah was right. you are extremely talented. i can not wait till i order my christmas presents from your site. see you at the wedding of the KIDS. (Ms Leah Nervous, and Mr Dick Overconfident)tee hee! verna
CherylWhat a great site for cat lovers. I and my four furbabies give it a paws up! Passing it on to my cat loving friends :o)
Nicole Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I admire your work. For years now,I have been buying your coffee cats for my mom who is a cataholic. She has a license under Black Cat Antiques. I saw your ad in Orange County Home and was very excited to see your teapot. My mom is not an easy woman to please, but that teapot will bring her joy. Thank you, Nicole
Vickie WilliamsonI will be contacting you regarding purchasing your products at wholesale for resale in my boutique in Louisville, Colorado. My Shop is called The Cats Meow!!!! I love your stuff and it will go so well in my little store.
shannonI recently bought a coffee cat mug at Ruta's in Tustin. I love your beautiful cups. What a talent!! Thanks for making this mug that brightens my day.
ann and erickaHi April, Your cups are so cute. I saw them at Rudibigora's Restaurant in Old Town Tustin. I have a business around the corner from the restaurant called Enchanting Scrolls & Garden. Your product would fit in perfectly. I will continue to look on your website for a pricelist If it is not on there, Could you you let me know your prices and if you have whole sale prices? Thanks so much. Ann and Ericka- co-owners
Helga JohnsonApril, I came to your site to leave you a message. I am really glad I did. I am extremely impressed with your web-site. I feel so special being your neighbor and being able to see where you work first hand. Keep up the fantastic work!
Gregg I Love them allI need a set of 6 tall cups, 2 lotion holders, a tepot or 2 and a suger and creamer set. Just tell me how much and I will make payments.. It's all so beautiful and unique. I always knew whenyou bought your kiln that you would go places with it. Love You. G
Tom & Nancy Smith
Edward J GreenblattHow can I sell these at a high end resort in Maine?
Kathy LehnenI just loved your designs, and of course I love cats.
Walter HeulerHad bought two of your cups before seeing your website. A wonderful product, and a good web page except that reclining cats are lying, not laying. Unless they are laying eggs of course! Glad to see someone do well with their inspiration.
Deanna Jay Chu NimDear April. It is wonderful to see someone making art that is clearly from a happy person. Wishing you continued success. We were having dinner at Rutas in Orange and my friend secretly arranged for coffee to be brought to me in one of your calico cat cups which I had admired. On our next trip I secretly bought a tuxedo cat cup for him because he said that it looked just like Laska, one of his feral cats. All the best to you, and thank you.
KarenWow, these have got to be the cutest kitty kitchen accessories ever!! :)
Derrick FridgeYOur Products are awesome and I can't wait to offer them in my new store.
Margie MarsoobianI saw one of your mugs at a client's home (I am a pet sitter in Whittier, CA), and fell in love with it.
Maria BaltodanoI'm a new Coffecats convert...I'm going to the street fair tonight to pick up a few pieces you set aside for me (I went this morning and the booth wasn't open for business yet). You do such beautiful work!
NeterniI'm from HK and is a cat lover, how a nice coffee cup you've created and I'm proud of you, April Gadler!
Tom SmithI like coming back and taking a look. Your cups remind me of some of my cats.
Reagan BlasonYour site is wonderful!
Tom SmithI have been here befor a number of times, I like your work.
Marty MillerHi, just purchased my first coffee cat mug at Kitty Kitty Kitty in Eureka Springs,AR! I love it (it's a black cat with sunflowers). I also like your lotion bottles. They'll make great Christmas gifts! Your website is fun too!
TiaI love cats & these are the cutiest things I have seen
Jorja ChaplinI think your coffee cat's are great ! Last year I purchased the "hugs" Wish Pot for a birthday gift. I found you on-line to see if you had locations in the area for future purchases and you do! I will call P'J's and Rutabegorz later today. I am looking for the Tuxedo Cat Coffee cup as a gift. I am picking up a free "Tuxedo Kitty" (7 weeks old) this weekend and thought I would take the cup to Mikaila in exchange for Mr. Boots! You create such charming gifts and I hope I can find one today in Orange. Looking forward to seeing you next year at the Orange Int'l Street Fair. Hope you had a good time this year. My family sure did. Jorja
Melanie CoxI really love your cups. I noticed that you have large bowls, What is the price?
Donna BullenI came to your site by the curiousity of becoming a potter in the near future. I was looking for unique clay art and was amazed when I found your website. I am now doing research to see what I need, tools, equipment and to get ideas. I love your coffee cats products! It is so unique and cute. How long have you been in the business and how is it going for you? I am curious as to what kind of business I can do with pottery. Like many other people I am looking into a more satifying life and what to use my more creative side. Anything you can tell me, or suggest would be very helpful. Again, your website and products are amazing. I love the opening website with the crazy cats song! It really gives a wonderful unique impression that I immediately wanted to share with my friends and family. You truly a great website I will indeed be sharing with my friends and family. Ashley
Diana VanecekI want to order a cat vase and plate but your website doesn't display them. Also, when and where would your next show be. I was at Sugar Plum and would like to order more items. Thanks
peggy perezhello april...loved the web site!!! just have a question, i have a dear friend who loves purple pansies...if you do pansies, i'd love one of the lotion...if not i understand.I love the two sizes of cups for my other black with butterflies (larger) the other white siamese (shorter)! we can get together when you get finished at knotts......i do hope you do well...its for christmas we have time...its been nice meeting you...i dearly love your coffee cats. Peggy Perez
SAMMI O'MEARAJust wanted you to know I made a visit to your website April and you really do nice work. It was nice to meet you the other nite at Jeanne and Lynda's. Happy Holidays to you and Larry Sammi
peggy perezHello April...just wanted to let you know how our friends loved their cups!!! when Mary saw them on the table, she thought I had received them as a gift and just ooooed and oooed over them..."Where did you get these?"....then I told her, "They are for you guys!!"She was so happy about them...thank you so much for another wonderful gift given...I still have the pansy to pass along...she'll love it too. ( about the brea show and the sugar plum, i know they end on the same day....we are doing both....since we don't have to be at sugar plum, we stay at the brea show, then go and close up sugar plum...our first time doing 2 on the same day!!!! happy holiday...see you soon. Peggy
Melanie CoxLove my six cups, would love to see cat bowls w/prices. given several for gifts all loved
SharonI just got back from a visit to Eureka Springs along with my grandson Skyler, we love it!! There is a store there called Kitty,Kitty,Kitty and I noticed it was for sale by owner, I love cats and have two of my own, but I'm interested in the shop, if someone could e-mail me the information on price, etc that would be great!!Thank-you Sharon Easley
Nina BroekhuizenSaw your great cups at Germanfest in Muenster, TX. Excellent quality and beautiful.
Janel SchwartzHello! I am from Ohio, while visiting my sister in Fullerton, we ate lunch at our favorite restaurant Rutabegorz. Much to my surprise I noticed your coffee cup display and 2 of the cups looked exactly like my Kelsie and Chloe!! I had to have them!! My husband and I enjoy drinking our coffee on the front porch in the moring from the beautiful cups. They are special and fun to show off!!
Beverly GoodsI love your work. I was wondering if the vases in the Street Fair pictures will be available. I live in Virginia. Hopefully I will be able to attend the Street Fair this September, if not can I order the vases in the future. Thank You!
Julie I purchased a coffee cat while visiting Knotts Berry Farm this past December. I love my cup. Two weeks ago I returned to Knotts Berry Farm hoping to find another cup, but was so disappointed when I couldn't find one. This morning I looked very closely to the bottom of the cup and discovered your web address. Thanks so much for putting it on.

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