Each piece is handmade!

The sizes and shapes vary
some, from what is pictured.

This is what makes every one unique. No two are exactly alike.

Coffee Cats are Dishwasher
and Microwave Safe!

Welcome to Coffee Cats


April has had recent surgery and is unable to work at this time. Please do NOT place any orders, as we will have to cancel them until such time as she is able to work again.

The cups shown below are just three of the 14 different cats available.
To see more of our family of Coffee Cats, use the Menu on the left of the screen.

The Sitting Cat Cups and the Laying Cat Cups
each hold about 12 oz of liquid.

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These Charming cups are called, Coffee Cats.
They are made by Ceramic Artist,
April Gadler.

They have been sold for 14 years in Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Boutiques in California, Washington, Tennessee, Nebraska, Texas, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Georgia, England and Japan. Now they are available directly to you!

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